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Alarm host

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Products technical specification
Configuration: 1 intelligent probe, 2 remote controllers, 1 wireless door magnetic * standard 16-bit keyboard with backlight, high brightness 10-zone indicator.
Long distance type: receiving 315M, transmitting 433M, transmitting distance more than 3 km.
* 2 wired defense zones (compatible with 1 and 2 wireless defense zones), 10 wireless defense areas and 4 remote controllers.
The self learning coding is adopted in the defense area, which is simple and flexible, and the wireless detector can be selected by ordinary or intelligent type.
The area can be set to stay, shut down, and emergency (24 hours).
Password protection, and user password can be set to 1-6 bits of any number.
The alarm can be set when the alarm is heard.
When sending the alarm to the area, the forwarding code, alarm area and alarm type will be uploaded to the alarm center.
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