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Site alarm

AD208 left machine
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Products technical specification
8 wired defense zones (can be extended to 16) + 99 wireless defense zones, wireless self-learning coding, with a programming keyboard, easy to operate
Large screen LCD display, can display alarm status, alarm records, host status, settings, time, date, and week information.
Four sets of remote controllers can be configured, each set of remote controllers can be separately alarm deployment, withdrawal and emergency operations.
* 8 sets of separate password users can be set up at most. Each group of users can carry out defense and withdrawal operations separately.
Two sets of automatic defense / evacuation zones that can be set up.
It can be matched with all kinds of wireless detectors, wireless buttons, various infrared targets and perimeter.
AC and DC automatic conversion, automatic charging control, direct low voltage detection.
Choose optional antenna to increase the distance of 100 meters.
Match 9202C distance is more than 300 meters.
The distance between 9202I and 608L is more than 400 meters.
The distance between 608-02 and 608-03 is more than 800 meters.
(optional antenna, increased wireless distance)
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产品尺寸:260mm(长) x 225mm(宽) x 77mm(高),(不含天线超出部分)


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