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Alarm controller AD26801

The product has involved anti-theft alarm controllers, infrared intrusion detectors, perimeter protection products, smoke alarms, gas alarms, and a series of peripheral accessories

Keywords: anti-theft alarm controller, infrared intrusion detector, perimeter protection product, smoke alarm, gas alarm


On-site alarm series

  • Description
  • ●Advantages: In the process of setting, with voice navigation, it is easy to build an alarm environment
    ●2 wired defense zones + 1 doorbell defense zone + 10 wireless defense zones. Each wireless zone can be configured with three wireless devices with different codes
    ●Keyboard programming, 16-key backlit keyboard, high-brightness LED indicator to show the working status of the host and defense zone
    ●Built-in wireless receiving circuit. Wireless devices such as wireless probes, remote controls, wireless door sensors, wireless smoke detectors, and wireless gas sensors can be connected to the host computer through automatic code learning
    ●The host can be connected to ordinary wireless detectors and intelligent wireless detectors, and 4 groups of remote controls with different codes can be set
    ●Each defense zone can be independently set to bypass, stay-at-all, emergency (24 hours) and other states
    ●Arming, disarming, alarming, on/off data memory for future reference
    ●It can listen to the sound of the alarm scene, and automatically play back the 12-second alarm recording when answering
    ●You can set whether the machine sounds the alarm when the defense area alarm, the arming delay time is short, and the alarm horn sounding time
    ●Using the telephone line network to transmit alarm information, it can store 6 groups of alarm user numbers and 2 groups of alarm center numbers, and can monitor the alarm by telephone and mobile phone, and carry out arming and disarming
    ●You can set whether to upload the arming and disarming, whether to upload the left-behind arming, and whether to allow the arming and disarming in different places
    ●Configuration: 1 infrared detector, 2 remote controls, 1 door sensor
    ●The main display light can display the three states of the detector according to the three alarm information triggered by the intelligent detector (anti-tamper trigger, infrared trigger, low voltage trigger).

The company's products include anti-theft alarm controllers, infrared intrusion detectors, perimeter protection products, smoke alarms, gas alarms, and a series of peripheral accessories.

As the company continues to increase investment in product research and development, new products such as network alarm controllers and intelligent security will further expand and improve the company's existing products, providing customers with more complete security products.

The company has obtained ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and National Safety Product Compulsory Certification (3C). And has won numerous honors such as 100 trustworthy security suppliers and recommended products for safe city construction organized by the China Security Association.


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